Toldos y cortinas de aluminio   Stores et volets roulants en aluminium  

All our fabrics are coated with PVC, guaranteed 5 years. Water repellent, blackout or see-through, they suit all your needs and are particularly recommended in tropical climates. Easy to clean, they keep their color over time. The assembly by heat-sealing guarantees durability and strength of your canvas.

An endless color panel and textures is available. Here are some tips to help you choose :

The beauty and performances of a fabric...

• Thermal comfort and light source
> The lighter its colour, the more heat a fabric will let through, but the luminosity will be excellent.
> The darker its colour, the less heat a fabric will let through, but the diffused light will be more subdued.
> Choosing a micro- perforated fabric will break the rain and the sun rays while allowing natural ventilation and without causing harm to your visibility. Ideal for furnished terraces.

• A matter of aspect
> Ecru fabrics diffuse bright luminosity and give a sensation of space.
> Yellow-orange yellow andor red fabrics create a warmer atmosphere.
> Blue or green fabrics create a more relaxing atmosphere.

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